Witches’ Gold Slot Machine

Slot Review: Witches’ Fortune

There have been several revisions to the witch archetype over the years. Younger, sexier witches have replaced the cackling elderly women who once concocted spells in a cauldron. Witches Riches, a slot game released by High 5 Games, focuses on the latter of these two themes. The game contains a magical atmosphere and several different kinds of bonuses. But, has High 5 come up with anything entertaining for the newest online casinos? Let’s check out this review of the Witches Riches slot machine.

Creation of the Online Slot Game Witches’ Riches


The game’s design doesn’t stand out from the crowd. The slot’s background design, consisting of what appears to be faded blue wallpaper, gives the game an authentically vintage air. All of the characters look great, but that’s about the best thing that can be said about the art. The music and effects are both archaic and corny, adding to the film’s overall antiquated atmosphere.


Playing the Online Slot Game “Witches Riches”

Witches Riches is a straightforward setup. The grid size of the reels is 5 by 3, and there are 40 fixed paylines in play at all times. With a maximum bet of $400 and a minimum of $0.40, there’s no doubt that big rollers will flock to this game.


Autospin is a standard feature on many of the best online slots, and it is included in Witches Riches as well. If you want things to go a little faster, you may always switch to Turbo mode.

Mobile Slot Playing: “Witches Riches”


Due to its straightforward nature, Witches Riches has seen zero issues in making the jump to mobile. The slot game is now compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones thanks to High 5 Games’ optimization efforts. The Witches Riches mobile slot can be played without downloading any additional software because it is compatible with all modern web browsers.


Bonus Features in the Witches’ Reward Slot Machine

The lack of innovative bonus features in Witches Riches is consistent with what we’ve seen thus far in this evaluation. The Wild Multiplier is the first form of extra gameplay you’ll encounter. When a player uses a Wild to complete a winning combination, the payout for that combination is immediately doubled. While not revolutionary, this is an approach that can help improve your equilibrium.


The bonus round of free spins is the other attraction. When a player gets three or more Scatters, a bonus round begins. At the outset of each game, players will be awarded 15 free spins. All victories during the round will be increased by a factor of three. If they’re lucky, they can get a 6x Multiplier from the Wild winnings plus this. The slot machine’s free spins feature may be retriggered for more gameplay.

Summary of “Witch’s Riches” Slot Game


One of the more forgettable games in High 5 Games’ library is Witches Riches. The slot machine is very dull and has nothing fascinating about the fundamental game to recommend it. The bonus round with free spins is the main draw. It’s always a good thing when this and the Wild Multiplier come together to increase your chances of winning. However, other from this, there isn’t much to see here that can’t be seen in other, more engaging positions. Play the Witches Riches slot machine at one of our top-rated online casinos.