Vivarobet Casino is a gambling establishment in the city of Vivarobet.

Review of the Vivarobet Casino

You will immediately see that Vivarobet is a well-designed and elegant website after taking a brief look around. The whole establishment has a cohesive vibe to it, with complimentary colors and a plethora of specials to take advantage of. There’s only one issue that may be confusing to English speakers: what exactly is the problem with the language in the first place? That will be an Armenian speaking person you will be looking at since this site is intended for gamblers from Armenia, a former Soviet republic located in the Caucasus. With three million residents, the country of Armenia is located in the hilly Caucasus area and is home to a sizable population of football aficionados, many of whom like wagering on sporting events.

Aesthetically, Armenian gamblers might consider themselves fortunate, since the Vivarobet website is of high quality and seems to be incredibly user friendly. Apart from operating a well-designed betting website, Vivarobet also maintains a variety of social media platforms with a high number of followers and which are regularly updated. There are many other betting sites that might benefit from studying the example set by VirobET. They run a thriving service on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which is full of fascinating promos and also provides customer care.

Concerning Vivarobet

Vivarobet is operated by Vivaro Betting LLC, which is a Florida-based corporation. They are a legal entity in Armenia, and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia has awarded them a gaming license to operate. This was published in 2008, the year the site was established. Vivarobet promotes itself as Armenia’s premier betting firm on its About page, and it is a claim that is likely to hold up under investigation since it is difficult to envision any operator having a better-looking or more complete website. Vivarobet promises of presenting over 30,000 live matches every month, all of which are accompanied by sophisticated animations that let bettors to see exactly what is occurring on the field.

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and Vivarobet operates 190 betting shops across Armenia. As a result, punters may benefit from exceptional customer service through telephone, live chat, and email, as well as the ability to deposit cash with a firm that they are certain has a superb reputation. There is the option of utilizing the site in English or Russian instead of Armenian for citizens who are based in Armenia but do not understand the language.

Dram, Dram, and more Dram

The dram is the name given to the Armenian money, and it is a term that is more often associated with a drink of whiskey in English. A distinct kind of dram is being served here, since the term literally translates as “money” in the English language. You may make deposits at Vivarobet using a variety of easy options, including Visa and MasterCard, that are listed below. There are also electronic wallets and a variety of bank transfer options available, all of which are tailored to the demands of Armenian gamblers. When it comes to withdrawals, you have two options: Edram or ArCa, and there is no cost associated with them. A total of 12 hours should be required to finish the whole operation.

Excellent Bonus Provider

There are several incentives to be earned at Vivarobet, many of them are geared toward slot machines, but there are also bonuses geared at poker and sports wagering. As a matter of fact, the site’s promotional page is one of the most extensive and diversified you’re likely to encounter at any online betting site. Every 12 hours, there is a 10 percent cashback offer accessible on all casino games, as well as free quizzes and a backgammon tournament with a prize pool of up to 1 million drams.

There are poker tournaments to participate in, as well as sports betting promotions such as a second chance, in which you have the possibility to recover your investment back even if you lose the wager you placed. A loyalty program is also available, as are special promotions on weekends, which include incentives to play live blackjack as well as rewards for posting your wager on Facebook, with the latter providing a chance to win a share of 40,000 Dram that is given out every week.

Do you want to place a bet on football?

Vivarobet seems to be identical to almost every other sports betting site headquartered in Europe or Asia; yet, Vivarobet is truly based in Asia, despite the fact that Armenia is considered a European country. The same as in other countries’ sportsbooks, there is a plethora of football wagering options available at Vivarobet. Even if the Spanish and English football leagues get the most attention, gamblers may place bets on local matches as well if they so wish. There are many other types of bets to choose from, including singles, doubles, triples, and accumulators, but there are also other sports to choose from outside football to keep things interesting.

With dozens upon dozens of nations covered and a large number of sports offered (numbering in the hundreds), it is safe to say that Vivarobet has covered all of the necessary ground. There’s also a fantasy sports area where you can place bets on virtual games, which is a first for the industry. Fantasy football, the NBA, the NFL, and eSports are all available to play here. All types of leagues are covered, and players have the chance to combine talent with good fortune while putting together their ideal club in this game.