Openings Glossary for the 2020’s

Spaces Glossary

The spaces world has most certainly changed inside the last 10 years or something like that. Exceptional rewards and new organizations, like Megaways and Gigablox, have entered the gaming scene.

These progressions might leave you astounded about new openings terms. Furthermore, a spaces glossary from five or a long time back isn’t of much assistance today.

Rundown of Slot Machine Gambling Terms

The accompanying glossary gives a combination of old terms and ones that are more pertinent to the 2020s. It covers a portion of the new ideas and rewards with genuine cash openings that have been presented as of late.

243 Ways

This sort of opening offers 243 methods for winning. It includes a some ways-pays motor alongside a 5×3 matrix (3x3x3x3x3 = 243).

1,024 Ways

This kind of game gives 1,024 methods for winning. It has a far pays motor alongside a 5×4 matrix (4x4x4x4x4 = 1,024)

Some Ways Pay

An openings motor that pays while matching images land in nearby reels. Winning blends normally should begin in the main reel and move to one side. Some ways pays contrast payline spaces, which possibly pay while matching images land in paylines.


This choice makes the reels turn naturally with your favored wagering choices. Contingent on the opening, you can utilize autoplay for up to 50, 100, 1,000, or vastness turns.

Wager Max

The Bet Max choice consequently turns a game’s stake size to the most elevated setting.

Reward Round

Most spaces include rewards, like free twists or a pick’em round. You regularly need to land at least three disperse images to set off a reward.

“Book of” Slot

The term Book of depicts different Egyptian-themed spaces that offer a similar arrangement (5 reels, 10 paylines) and rewards (free twists, growing wilds). Book of Dead, Book of Horus, and Book of Ra are instances of these games.

Flowing Reels

This element makes images from winning blends vanish. In the interim, images from above fall into the empty spots. Flowing reels take into account more payouts and go on until no more wins are conceivable.


Many land-based and online club offer cashback (for example 0.1%) to openings players. Cashback depends on a player’s all out wagering volume (for example $1,000 x 0.001 = $1 cashback).

Exemplary Slot

This term regularly portrays an opening with only three reels and one payline. Notwithstanding, a few speculators use it to depict any three-reel game.

Coins Per Line

An openings give the choice to wager more than one coin for each payline. For instance, you might have the option to put somewhere in the range of 1 and 10 coins on a line.

Group Pays

Payouts that structure through groups of contacting images. Group pays can shape upward, evenly, or a mix of both.

Growing Wild Symbol

A wild image that grows to fill its separate reel.


Highlight Buy (a.k.a. Reward Buy)

First presented in White Rabbit Megaways, highlight purchase allows you consequently to set off the reward round. You really want to pay a certain different of your stake (for example 100x) to utilize reward purchase.

Fixed Jackpot

A bonanza that is fixed at a particular worth. The decent worth can be either a dollar sum (for example $10,000) or a stake size (for example 10,000x the stake).

Free Spins (Bonus Round)

This reward gives free twists that you can use to bring in additional cash. Free twists are much of the time joined by at least one rewards, for example, growing wilds or a success multiplier.

Free Spins Bonus

Numerous internet based gambling clubs offer store or no-store rewards that contain free twists. For instance, you could store $20 and get 30 free twists for use on any spaces game. This term ought not be mistaken for a free twists reward round (covered previously).

Bet Option

Spaces with the bet choice let you risk your current payout for a bigger one. For example, you could pick a card tone (red or dark) to twofold your payout. Surmise wrong, however, and you’ll lose the payout being gambled.


Created by Yggdrasil and appeared in Lucky Neko, the Gigablox motor drops images going from 2×2 to 6×6 in size.

Framework Slot

These openings offer group pays and normally highlight a lattice going from 6×6 to 8×8.

Hit Rate

The level of twists that outcome in somewhere around one winning blend (for example 25% hit rate).


Accessible in organic product machines, the hold choice allows you to hold a particular reel set up.

Data Screen

A subsequent screen (typically stamped “I”) that shows the compensation table, game guidelines, extra standards, RTP, and perhaps more.

Connected Reels

At least two reels that top off with precisely the same image. NetEnt is known for making spaces with connected reels, like Twin Spin.

Free Slot

A space that is especially liberal with payouts.

Misfortunes Disguised as Wins (LDWs)

A success that is worth not exactly the stake. For instance, a $0.10 payout on a $1 turn actually sees you lose $0.90 generally speaking.


Created by Big Time Gaming, Megaquads spaces start with four separate 4×4 networks. The matrices can converge into a 8×8 framework and present to 16,777,216 different ways.

Greatest Win

The most noteworthy payout accessible in a given game. The maximum success is typically recorded as a different of the stake (for example 5,000x the stake).

Bet Money

Mechanical Slot

Up until the 1970s, many gambling machines worked through mechanical reels.


Another Big Time Gaming creation, Megaways openings offer a variable number of images in each reel. A typical Megaways arrangement incorporates 6 reels with each reel holding 2-7 images. At the point when all reels are at max level, such a game offers 117,649 different ways (7x7x7x7x7x7).

Multiplier Wild

A wild image that accompanies a multiplier connected. A 5x multiplier wild, for instance, will increase any success that it helps structure by 5x. In the event that at least two of these wilds show up in a success, their multipliers will either add together or duplicate one another.

Secret Symbol

Typically signified by a question mark, secret images will all change into a similar image toward the finish of a round.


Before, bumping alluded to moving a particular reel at least one situations on an organic product machine. The more-current definition, however, suggests when an image pokes at least one situations to turn into a stacked image.

Slot machine

A dated moniker that portrays a gambling machine’s propensity to take players’ cash rapidly. The “one equipped” part alludes to how old gambling machines highlighted pull switches.


A line where winning blends can frame. For instance, a 20-line opening elements 20 paylines where wins can land.

Payout Percentage

See return to player (RTP).

Pay Table

A rundown of the different payouts that every image offers. The compensation table is ordinarily found in the data (“I”) segment.

Pick’em Round

A reward where you select at least one onscreen choices to uncover prizes.

Moderate Jackpot

This kind of bonanza takes a little level of each wagered. It keeps filling as such until it’s at last won. The product designer then, at that point, reseeds the ever-evolving big stake at a specific sum.

Arbitrary Number Generator (RNG)

A program that cycles through irregular number groupings to decide openings results. It starts working following you push “Twist.”

Get back to Player (RTP)

The level of wagers that a gambling machine takes care of to players. A game with 96% RTP, for instance, will take care of $96 on each $100 bet after some time.


This term portrays when designers clone the center components of a particular game. They’ll then apply these center components to different games, with just the subject isolating one from another.


A reward that furnishes free respins with at least one images held set up (a.k.a. tacky). Frequently, either wild or dissipate images will stay tacky during respins.

Moving Reels

Microgaming’s expression for flowing reels. Wilderness Jim El Dorado advocated the name moving reels.

Dissipate Payout

An extraordinary payout that is granted when a specific measure of dissipate images land on the reels.

Dissipate Symbol

Extraordinary image that can pay or potentially trigger rewards from anyplace on the reels. It doesn’t have to show up in a payline or neighboring reel to convey a reward as well as payout. Customarily, three dissipate images will set off a reward round.

Second-Screen Bonus

A reward round that happens on a subsequent screen separate from the reels. Pick’em adjusts are normal second-screen rewards.

Part Symbol

A solitary place that contains at least two images.

Spreading Wild

This wild image can spread to different positions and make more wilds.


Stacked Symbol

This image tops off its separate reel.

Stacked Wild

A wild image that fills its separate reel.


The aggregate sum of cash that you bet on a twist. In the event that you bet $0.10 on 20 paylines, your absolute stake will be $2.

  • Tacky Wild
  • This wild image stays on the reels for various twists.
  • Matched up Reels
  • See connected reels.

Ticket In/Ticket Out (TITO)

Utilized in land-based club, this framework sees players get payouts in ticket structure. They can embed the ticket once more into any machine and get credits. TITO supplanted the old framework, which included players embedding nickels, dimes, and quarters into machines.

  • Tight Slot
  • A game that is being closefisted with payouts.
  • Tumbling Reels
  • One more term for flowing reels.

Video Slot

Gambling machine that goes through PC innovation rather than mechanical reels. Each cutting edge opening is a video gaming machine.


Created by No Limit City, the xWays motor sees specific images split into 2 or 3 images. Simultaneously, xWays extends the quantity of ways of winning.

Strolling Wilds

Tacky wild images that move one reel over after each twist. They stay tacky until moving off the final reel.

Wide-Area Progressive Jackpot

This kind of moderate bonanza can be hit in numerous land-based gambling clubs. Megabucks is the most-popular illustration of a wide-region moderate bonanza.