A Look at the Golden Monkey Legend

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The newest offering from Yggdrasil Gaming has arrived. And it’s purpose here is to awe us. Again! Although the Legend of the Golden Monkey slot has only been available for a brief period of time, it has already been heralded by many as 2016’s best slot game. The iSense-powered slot is one of the best new games we’ve played, and it works on desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

The slots are an exciting treasure hunt inspired by the legendary monkey king of Chinese mythology, Sun Wukong, who appears in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West. The sheer volume of additional content is staggering, so let’s take a closer look to find out what sort of bonus, free spins, and overall winnings we can expect from this new slot.

The Golden Monkey Slot Machine, also known as Legend, has

In this Yggdrasil Gaming 5 reel, Win All Ways slot, you can follow the Golden Monkey as he bounces around the screen. Sticky wilds, countdown wilds, a treasure box symbol, and more are just a few of the ways he might increase your luck.

The soundtrack is both funky and relaxing, giving the game a vibe that is quintessentially Asian. There are goblets, scrolls, shields, crows, potions, and cauldrons in this mountain temple, and they transport you there. The Golden Monkey’s capacity to change things into other things was legendary in Chinese mythology. And he’s doing the same thing in this game. To help you get a better winning combination, the Golden Monkey will appear on the reels at random and swap out some of the symbols.

There are two types of wild symbols in the Legend of the Golden Monkey slot machine. The first is a special wild that appears on reels 2 and 4 and stays there until either one of those reels is won or the game ends. If you keep spinning the reels and hitting winning combos, this wild symbol will remain there.

The second wild is a counter that appears on the third reel and counts down the remaining number of free games and the number of spins the symbol will remain in place. If you get another countdown wild, the counter will start over.

The treasure chest, an important symbol that appears only on the fifth reel, should also be watched carefully. Payouts range from 2x to 50x the initial wager when winning symbols appear.

Bonus Spins on the Iconic Golden Monkey Slot Machine

If you’re looking for free spins, go no further than Golden Monkey. We’ve already established that the treasure chest symbol can award you with cash prizes and launch the Free Spins bonus round. Free spins can also be won by landing at least three separate free spin icons anywhere on the reels.

In addition, you can win an amazing 50 times your wager if you get 4 free spin symbols. The payout for 5 scatter symbols is 250 times the wager. Not bad, eh?

Additionally, there are three distinct Free spin options available once the Free Spins feature has been activated.

During your six free spins, the Golden Monkey will place a sticky wild on the second and fourth reels, increasing your chances of winning. This means that the final free spin will have 6 sticky wilds, with Reels 2 and 4 being completely wild.

The second and fourth reels will always be sticky wilds during your eight free games, thanks to the stacked wilds feature. The special Triple Stacked Wild found in this mode is not persistent and can appear anywhere on the middle reel.

Wilds at the Outset: You’ll get 10 free spins with a sticky wild on the third reel’s middle position. Sticky wilds can appear on reels two and four, so keep an eye out for them.

The Golden Monkey Slot Machine Bonus: Legend of the

Our hopes and aspirations are coming true as more and more UK-based gambling sites add Yggdrasil titles to their catalogs. The new Legend of the Golden Monkey slot is fantastic, and we’ve found seven amazing casinos where you can play it and get a big welcome bonus to boot. Get a bonus of up to £1,500 plus up to 200 free spins just for signing up with the links provided below.

You may play the Golden Monkey slot machine at these locations:

Slot machine volatility, maximum bets, and the jackpot for the Legend of the Golden Monkey

You may play the Legend of the Golden Monkey slot machine for as little as 25p each spin all the way up to £125 if you’re feeling very lucky. If the game is a Win All Ways type, then any winning combination of three or more symbols, whether they appear left to right or right to left, will be paid out. The game has an average return to player of 96% with a non-progressive jackpot of $250.

Images and sounds from the Legend of the Golden Monkey slot machine

It’s one of the slot’s strongest points. The game is stunning to look at, with strange symbols and a terrific mood that manages to be both relaxing and exciting. As the game is based on Chinese mythology, the symbols are fantastic, detailed, and extremely well done.

This game is typical of Yggdrasil’s ability to think out novel and interesting concepts and then implement them flawlessly. We love how the Golden Monkey leaps out of nowhere to help complete winning combos in this 3D video slot, and we also love how the slot looks and sounds.

Our verdict on the Golden Monkey slot machine, based on the legend

It’s only May, but we’re already expecting a bumper crop of innovative slot machines from the industry’s top developers this year. Legend of the Golden Monkey, however, has so far topped our list of 2016’s best lots because to its fantastic music, graphics, general premise, and many wonderful features. Yggdrasil, keep ’em coming!